About us

Odysway was born out of the passion for backpacking off the beaten track. The kind of experience that shakes us up with the unexpected, wonderful discoveries and beautiful encounters. All of this creating journeys where time slows down for us to enjoy and value the moment.

We believe that the magic of traveling can only be experienced when an adventure is lived without constraint, taking our time to discover a country through its people and culture. By limiting the number of stops in a journey, we accept to visit less to live more.

At the end, we realise how different we are from who we used to be. How much we learnt new skills and abilities, how we spent some fabulous time with locals, simply by letting things slow down. With Odysway, instead of planning to look for the wonders of travelling, you will let them come to you.

Romain Founder of Odysway

Immersive travel : A true transformative experience

Odysway intends to promote alternatives to classic, usual travel. We want to allow more people to discover themselves by discovering the world.

We chose to specialize in immersive travel, as described by the Oxford dictionnary “the state of being completely involved in something (e.g : culture, language)”.

For Odysway, immersive travel means to slow down, and take time to integrate another culture by being open to new things. It is also a real balance between exploring a country and an immersive experience.

This is an opportunity for people to connect with a new environment, realize that they are far from home and come back as a new person to live their daily life more consciously.

Travelling would not be a mere accumulation of experiences or a form of consumption, but mostly and simply time. Time for themselves, time for other people, time for the world.

Our agency’s commitment is to provide our travelers with a structure, some organization for them to live a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience. We directly cooperate with local guides, which does not involve any intermediary. This is why our adventures are available at reasonable and affordable price.

A unique travel agency

Odysway’s real difference, aside from our dedication to make your experience more enjoyable, is that we create all our adventures from scratch. It implies that each new adventure is tested by someone from Odysway. We look for the best, reliable guides, who can deliver an exceptional experience and receive our travelers.

Thanks to this meticulous process, our adventures are found, created, and offered on our website with the maximum quality. 

Odysway is registered at the Registre des Opérateurs de Voyages et de Séjours and receives a financial guarantee as well as a Professional Indemnity Insurance that guarantee you a safe & easy travel.

Our commitment

Since its foundation, Odysway has always been dedicated to the Earth and people. One of our most fundamental values is to promote a responsible, fair and sustainable form of tourism.

Offset the carbon footprint of each flight taken

For each adventure, the carbon emissions from flights is calculated by Odysway. Then, we plant trees to offset emissions for each passenger.

Limit collateral effects of tourism on local populations

Odysway narrows down the number of passengers to reduce the negative impact on local populations. Our travelers can discover their cultures, skills, lifestyles without disrupting their daily life.

Help to distribute equally and ethically

We support collaboration and direct partnerships with local guides, animal protection centers, local trainers or even shamans. Our activity is thus firstly profitable for our guides, ensuring a fair and ethical revenue.

Odysway’s values


Odysway is purely transparent with its travelers and local associates. Our true motivation is to make the experience you will live an unforgettable moment, to help you discover the world and discover yourself. This is why our adventures are available at the right cost, for you and the locals who will welcome you.


Odysway provides the organization in order for our travelers to smoothly live the best, sensational experiences. We want these adventures to inspire, enchant you, and your inner child. Through these dream-like moments and far from your routine, you will (re)discover what makes you feel happy and lively.


We value the mutual respect between our travelers and local populations. We also seek to respect our travelers and their desires, to reassure them, answer their questions, before, during and after their journey. Lastly, we value the respect between every member of the Odysway team, from interns to founders, for everyone’s well being.