The agency specialized in immersive adventures

Odysway is a travel agency that specializes in immersive travels. We offer an authentic and responsible way of travelling, that is different from everything you know.

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They travelled with us

Thanks to Odysway, I was able to travel safely. The local support service is great and we really feel the authenticity in this stay with the nomad families. If you're looking for authentic, never-seen before experiences, (don't hesitate)!

Immersive travelling

For us, immersion is living the unexpected through new and unique experiences. Sharing the life of a family, a village or a community for a few days. Discovering their customs, craftsmanship, sharing unforgettable moments and trying to understand each other. It is travelling by choosing lesser polluting transportation and reducing the stages, by trying to have a positive impact on both the local populations and the environment.

Finding yourself in a new environment, realizing who you are away from home and coming back different, even just a little, to live your life more peacefully.

Immersive travelling also means letting your stay happen, instead of planning or picturing it ahead of time; it's experiencing the unknown to feel and understand new things about ourselves and the world.

We compensate the carbon footprint of your trip

Odysway committed to compensate the carbon footprint that stems from the air traffic of its travelers. For each travel, Odysway measures the carbon footprint based on the air traffic and plants trees to compensate.

Travel differently with Odysway

Travel freely

With Odysway, you have the choice! You can either book a trip on your own dates, or join a group of travellers. Odysway takes care of the essential to give you the greatest experience of all, yours.

Travel safely

Odysway is registered at the Registre des Opérateurs de Voyages et de Séjours and receives a financial guarantee of 200 000 euros as well as a Professional Indemnity Insurance

Travel ethically

Odysway offers a responsible, supportive and sustainable tourism: compensating every flight's carbon footprint, reducing the effects of tourism amongst local populations and allowing a more balanced tourism.

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