Travel with a shaman in Peru

13 days
All year round
Hotel, Homestay

« More than a simple trip, we have created a complete immersion in Peru. From initiation to traditional shamanism, the visit of the sacred valley of the Incas to the discovery of the Quechua culture in remote communities. This adventure is the perfect package to live an authentic experience, far away from tourists »

Nicolas Co-founder of Odysway

Join a small group of 8 travellers maximum.

Our travelers loved this adventure !
42 people experencied this trip
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  • A visit to Machu Picchu with a shaman
  • The discovery of the Sacred Valley of the Incas
  • Shamanic ceremonies and meditations
  • The immersion with remote Quechua communities
  • A French-speaking guide for the entire duration of the adventure

Adventure's itinerary

Local guides

This adventure is supervised by a French-speaking guide. During the experience in the communities, you will also be accompanied by Danielle, a French-speaking expatriate in Peru for more than 20 years. She has been living in a traditional Quechua community for 10 years now and is committed to helping travellers discover an authentic Peru. She will guide you during this adventure.

During the 5-day shamanic experience, you will be guided and hosted by two shamans of the Queros community, Augustin and Justino.

Traditional shaman
Chamane traditionnel
French-speaking guide


Here are some videos that our previous travellers recorded there. The first one shows a shamanic ceremony. The second is an immersion of two of our travellers in the Quechua community.


, 60 years old
"An extraordinary adventure in Peru that allows both the visit of the places but also real encounters with the local populations (for the trip in the villages) and an initiation path on the sacred sites with shamans. I loved it!"
, 55 years old
"We were looking for an agency that offers authentic shamanic ceremonies, especially without ayahuasca, and we couldn't have found a better one! This spiritual tour allowed us to visit many temples and sacred places around Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, connecting us to these amazing and energetic places through meditations and ceremonies. Thank you very much! We had a very transformative experience connecting to Pachamama, incredible places and incredible people!"
, 46 years old

« "My experience with the shamans in Peru was incredible. The preparation and advice we received from the beginning was remarkable. Guided nature walks, meditation, one-on-one conversations with the shamans helped to make this experience comfortable, safe and extremely valuable. The love, care and dedication we felt from the shamans was incredible. This is the only place I will send people to if they are interested in a ceremony, and my wife and I will be going back there." »

, 33 years old
"Ceremonies with real shamans! They respect individuals and offer a very personalized human experience. We are accompanied, listened to and prepared so that the ceremonies take place in the best possible conditions. The guides are incredible people! I highly recommend this shamanic adventure!"

Join a small group of 8 travellers maximum.

Our travelers loved this adventure !
42 people experencied this trip
Need some help ?
Mon to Fri, 9AM - 6PM